Born in the US, Designed in Britain

Nothing makes me feel more alive then the sound of wood being sawn, hammered, distressed, or the feeling of whooshing chalk paint up and down with trusty chalk paint brush.
Originally from Long Island, New York in the USA, I started this shop because I just couldn't find the right coffee table for my living room at the right price, and I didn't want a mass manufactured IKEA table. Nothing is wrong with IKEA, but sometimes you want something unique, made to order, and handled with care. 

After creating my first set and posting it on Facebook for my friends to see, some of them wanted one. I was flattered, but I was seriously considering selling anything.

 I still had the same problem with other things in my house. I wanted something custom to fit in a certain space, and I wanted what is in my imagination in real life without compromise.

I know others might not be able to find what they are looking for exactly, but I opened my shop to help you find what you're looking for, in the right color, at the right size, and at the right price. I really hope you love what started out as just a humble coffee table.

Please let my trusty chalk paint brush and rusty saw work for you to make your dreams come true. When you buy from me, you're buying an item that I loved making, I put lots of thought into every detail, and want you to be proud enough to share it online using #lumberjackjohncrafts for others to see. PLEASE BUY TODAY!

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